Eton 7 Days, 7 Ways

The Perfect White Shirt

It’s seasonless, timeless, masculine, and goes with anything. We’re talking about the white shirt.

We’re excited to introduce our largest white shirt collection to date by fine Swedish shirt maker Eton. Visit the store for the widest range of fabrics, collars, fits and styles. Purchase 2 or more Eton White Shirts and choose from any Eton Fancy Shirt at 50% Off.

Eton 7 Days, 7 Ways

The Stanley Blazer from Barbour

Barbour has done it again. The Stanley Blazer uses the 4oz. Sylkoil Waxed Cotton, the lightest waxed cotton Barbour has ever made, meaning you get a weatherproof, trim-fit jacket that moves easily with you and is incredibly comfortable the first time you put it on. But like all Barbour waxed cotton jackets, it wears in smoothly. We have it available in two colors, but our supply is limited.

The Modern Man

You’re a man. You work hard and you’re not afraid to get dirty. That might mean you put a suit on once a year, or 5 days a week. Either way, when you suit up you want to look and feel your best. Luigi Bianchi has a history of suit making in Mantova, Italy that goes back over 100 years, and while $1000 isn’t a small amount of money, when you consider what goes into a well crafted suit, it’s a value. We stock 5 great slim fit models that are perfect whether it is your first suit or a refresh navy or grey suit or even a tux. To help you complete the outfit, we have chosen the best dress shirt on the market, Eton of Sweden. They employ a patented weave, and make use of the best cotton available for a shirt that stands up to the rigors of travel and everyday wear around the office. We also love the way the collar stands up without flaring out or flattening down.

Guest Post: The 5 Items To Buy From Badowers With Your Christmas Money

Christmas time has passed and you didn’t get a damn thing that you wanted.

You gave everyone your lists, kept it pretty minimal, but your loved ones decided to branch out to “surprise” you. While it is always the thought that counts, cool gifts are a little bit sweeter. Luckily, you have your aunts, uncles and grandparents who don’t even bother trying to buy a gift and throw you some cold, hard cash. God bless those relatives. There’s only one place you need take that dough; Badowers. Treat yourself to some of the coolest items they have in store that I just so happen to be planning on getting myself. So, actually, don’t treat yourself just yet…

Gant Rugger Winter Fly Coat- I feel like an urban version of Sir Edmund Hillary in this, but I can assure you I will be ascending no treacherous mountains. This is truly the definition of luxurious swagger. Nylon shell to keep the evil elements of Des Moines winters away with fur-lining that’s basically like turning your pinky up when you drink tea.

Filson 1912 Cruiser Shirt- A good flannel can go a long way. But a great flannel like this Cruiser shirt from Filson will take you where ever the hell you want to go. It’s limited edition so you will be one of like 8* people who own it (*not an accurate number) and ithe 24oz virgin Yukon wool is super comfy-cozy-snuggly like your favorite blanky that you still own but don’t tell anyone about.

Baldwin Ryan Navy – You will probably hear me say these Ryan pants from Baldwin are a perfect fitting pair of pants and think I’m just saying it to promote them. But I wouldn’t be promoting them here and saying they were the perfect fitting pair of pants unless they were. Did you follow all of that? These are the perfect fitting pair of pants throughout the leg and down to it’s tapered hem so they flair out like the bootcuts you wore in 11th grade.

Todd Snyder Cashmere Waffle Sweater- Cashmere, bro. CASHMERE. I really don’t know any other way to describe this Todd Snyder Waffle Sweatshirt. This sweater actually leaves me dazed and confused its so great. I blurt out things like “cranberries!” or “zoom zoom in ya boom boom” when I see them. I know, I know, who needs a $795 cashmere sweater? You do, that’s who, damnit.

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots – Everyone needs a good pair of shit-kickers this winter (I think I’m allowed to say that?) Especially ones that are a viable choice of footwear in at least two other seasons. The craftsmanship and premium materials Wolverine uses on these make them not only a sight for sore eyes, but long lasting so they’re the shit-kickingest.

6 from Italy at $995 and under

We had such a great response to our slim fit grey and navy suit from Luigi Bianchi last spring that we expanded on the collection.  Along with Navy Blazer we have added a Tuxedo, grey shadow plaid, and navy plaid to the mix.   We worked with Luigi Bianchi, the oldest continuously family owned clothing company in Italy, On a fit and fabric.  We wanted to share the quality and fit that many of our clients know at under $1000.  The coat model is a 7″ drop and fits slim, but not tight.  The pant is trim with a nice taper to the leg.  If you are broad in the shoulders or chest we might recommend sizing up.  This soft shoulder jacket doesn’t look off altered down to fit.  This is the model we wear at the shop. Enjoy.


Moscow Mule

The official drink of Badowers, the Moscow Mule, is rarely enjoyed at the shop. Not coincidentally the Moscow Mule is the drink of choice across the street at the Alpine Tap room. After every in store party or store visit by a designer we head to the Alpine for a Mule. We are known in the Menswear world for taking our guests to the Alpine for this simple pleasure after business is done (or to continue it)

  • Copper Mug
  • Ice
  • 2 parts vodka
  • 3 parts ginger beer (not ginger ale)
  • 1 part lime juice

Keep it simple.

Cause and Effect + Ruell and Ray Recap

In early November we were lucky enough to have Billy Moore and Ashley James stop by the shop for an event. A one day event turned into three days.  Billy brought with him his most colorful collection to date, along with some one -of- a- kind bags and accessories.  Ashley has perfected her fits and there are quite a few guys in Des Moines enjoying their first pair of Ruell and Ray.  I have a pair of Spence Slim in Natural that I haven’t taken off for 3 weeks, getting just the right amount of dirty for an off white Jean, and breaking in nicely.



Billy Moore and Ashley James are coming back to Badowers with their version of a traveling road show.  We are very fortunate to have Billy out of his workshop in Tennessee and making belts in the store.  Ashley has been working with some new fabrics and fits. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to meet one of the most interesting guys in menswear. (ladies he makes belts for you too)

Thursday, November 8th 6-9pm. Music by Scott Yoshimura and DJ John Solarz

Friday, November 9th. 10am-6pm Billy will be at the store all day making Belts, bags, and bracelets to order.





Apolis Market Bag Des Moines Iowa USA

Our friends at Apolis reached out to us and asked if we would be interested in their Local + Global Market Bag campaign. We love what Apolis is doing and are glad to be a part of it.

Baldwin Denim Reed


Chris Ford stopped by the store and we had to get a few pictures of his jeans. He’s been wearing the Baldwin Denim Reed for just over a year and still without a wash. Chris is a musician fronting Christopher the Conquered. He plays in numerous side projects and runs a record label, Maxixum Ames Records. In the last year he’s sent a lot of guys into the store, Thanks Chris.