Raleigh Denim

Raleigh crafts denim the old-school way + they take great pride in making the best jeans in the country. Badowers is proud to offer our customers such a great product.

Badowers Sportsmen-Elkader Edition

We’re excited to show you our most recent project. Badowers Sportsmen-Elkader Edition is the second part of a campaign that organically began with two co-workers who like to fish. The full length video will come out May 30 at a special in-store event you’ll hear more about soon. We’d like to thank Filson and Wolverine 1000 Mile for sponsoring our trip. A special thanks to Argo Adventures, Justin Meyer Photography, 8/7 Central, David Bartels, and Joel Fortney for all your work to make this happen.

Badowers Sportsmen-Elkader Edition.

Cause and Effect + Ruell and Ray Recap

In early November we were lucky enough to have Billy Moore and Ashley James stop by the shop for an event. A one day event turned into three days.  Billy brought with him his most colorful collection to date, along with some one -of- a- kind bags and accessories.  Ashley has perfected her fits and there are quite a few guys in Des Moines enjoying their first pair of Ruell and Ray.  I have a pair of Spence Slim in Natural that I haven’t taken off for 3 weeks, getting just the right amount of dirty for an off white Jean, and breaking in nicely.