GUEST POST: Todd Snyder Visits Badowers

Iowans don’t know it, but they’ve got it good, I tell ya. Todd Snyder makes his way back to his hometown at least once a year to showcase some of his newest wares and (politely) party with some regular folks at Badowers. That’s a big deal. This is someone who’s made numerous red carpet appearances, both as a stylist and just for being Todd Snyder. Someone who was one of 2013 CFDA’s Vogue Fashion Fund finalists alongside some of the most prestigious menswear brands in the country. And, of course, someone who has taken not only the style capital of New York by storm, but his collections are sweeping the nation. I got a chance to see Todd’s SS14 collection New York during Fashion Week and it was a bevy of who’s who in the fashion industry wanting to catch a long, romantic glance at what the native Iowan had to offer to the world. And now he’s here. At Badowers. With us.

Last Thursday, Snyder and crew blessed us with an appearance at Badowers to showcase his fall/winter 2013 collection, as well as to introduce his new collaboration with Champion. An array of tailored BD shirts, cozy crewnecks and the cargo pants that I can easily say Todd can be mainly attributable for making cool again. That’s a tall feat, my friend. Fabrics range from cotton fleece to cashmere that, as you can imagine, costs a pretty penny. But how much are you willing to pay for function, style and comfort? I’d be willing to pay a good chunk of my mortgage, but that’s just because I get a little silly when it comes to clothing. Not only did Todd woo the crowd with his collection, but he also gave patrons the opportunity of creating a bespoke suit. The same suits Todd has supplied to Harry Potter, that ungodly good-looking human being named Ryan Reynolds, that other main character from Inglorious Basterds and the host of all those crazy Housewives cat fights on E! Those are real, famous people wearing the same suit you could potentially pick your own fabric, measure to your own specifications and receive wrapped in a 24k gold bow. OK, that last part isn’t true, but the way the experience is presented to you, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched.

In a nutshell, Todd Snyder gave Iowa the New York treatment. Well, the good kind of New York treatment. Todd brought that bit of New York that is cool, edgy and outside of our everyday realms and perfectly mixed it with that “Iowa Nice” mantra he was born and raised upon. And we should be grateful for it because, if it weren’t for Badowers, we’d be SOL.